Titleist Performance Institute

TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts. Using the data gathered, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, TPI has analyzed how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect the gold swing and potentially lead to injury.

TPI Specialized Physical Assessment​

  • A full biomechanical assessment that relates the physicality of your body specifically to the golf swing

  • Determine which muscles are creating limitations in mobility, stability, and power

  • Strengthen your kinematic sequence

  • 18 golf specific physical screens

Golf Swing Analysis

  • Comprehensive golf swing analysis

  • Determine the 12 most common swing characteristics

  • What common trends do you see in the pro’s?

  • Relate your golf swing specifically to your body

A Full Body Fitness Program

​Based on your Physical Assessment and Swing Analysis, I will create a full body program designed specifically for you to help increase your mobility, stability, strength, and power. 

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