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"Jarryd's class is a game-changer. If you're auditioning, or want to be, you should be taking this class. I learned so much about bio-hacking my nervous system, and my auditions haven't been the same. I'm so grateful for this class, and looking forward to the next one!"


  • Amanda Sullo


“I struggle with nerves and anxiety so much that it can be debilitating. It's great how Jarryd is able to clearly explain what our minds and bodies go through when

 nerves hit, and how to calm down, re-centre, or even use that nervous energy, instead of being overwhelmed by it. There's something about the way Jarryd works with you. I'm able to tap into my confidence more, to really trust in myself. He's brilliant!”


  • Affy Varona

“Jarryd has such a genuine ability to meet you where you are, but I always leave expanded like I've never been before. He couples self-work and connection with your body in such a unique way that brings you back to yourself... a place of safety, joy, and rediscovery to un-learn and re-learn the essence of you”.


  • Avi Solis

"This class truly is like no other, it challenged me in amazing ways that really allowed me to grow as an actress. The homework and assignments were all designed to push us into the dark corners of ourselves, and take inventory as humans and artists, and facing some of these fears really allowed me to open up as an artist. It was also so beautiful to connect with the other students on such deep levels, and to watch them grow past their blocks as well. Amazing class, can't wait to take the next round!"


  • Katia Plotnikoff


“Personal and professional development all rolled into one. A superb 4-week class with a superb instructor.”


  • Erik Sikkerbol

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