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"Who am I? I am kind, caring, passionate, driven, creative, and goofy. I am very patient, but quick to anger when I find myself treated unfairly. I am happy to give the shirt off my back to help someone, but quick take it away if that is abused. I am not good at taking compliments, but genuine with giving them. I am proudly an introvert and recharge alone.  I am energetic, positive, and thrilled to be sharing this class with you."

Jarryd has been an actor all of his life, starring in multiple stage shows before breaking into the Vancouver film industry. He is also an Elite Personal Trainer in Vancouver and has a fascination with the nervous system.

"It was when my intrigue with the nervous system crossed paths with my acting career that everything started to change for me. Once I realized what was physiologically happening within myself every time I was out of my comfort zone, I realized that I knew ways to manage it. I took what I knew from my personal training, and I studied the Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges. Once I applied that to my acting, I felt myself stepping into the audition room confidently. I also found myself bringing that new confidence into my everyday life. THAT was the big win for me. That is why I knew I had to share my knowledge and help as many people as I can. It's really simple, though it can take a while to master, but with the right tools, you can truly take on each day as your authentic self".

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