Fitness History

I grew up playing every sport that I could, but my heart settled on both Hockey and Soccer to pursue competitively. This is where my appreciation and thirst for athletic conditioning originated. Playing high levels of both sports allowed me to push my body to its limits and really understand what it takes to create change. 


Apart from the sports that I played, I became interested in contemporary dance which sparked my love for functional and creative movement. Functional movement is now an integral part in the training that I do for myself and every client. 


My journey to being an Elite Personal Trainer started once I started my acting career. I wasn’t getting the type of auditions that I wanted and I quickly realized that I wasn’t physically looking like the roles that I wanted to be submitted for. I knew that I had to shed the rolls to get the roles ;) I plunged myself into the fitness world and I have never looked back.

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Sarah Davis 

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