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This 4 week, on-camera class is for any actor who is looking to drastically improve their audition skills. Using Jarryd's knowledge and experience as an elite personal trainer, we do a deep dive into the nervous system and how it is affecting you when you are out of your comfort zone, specifically during an audition. Through the different tools taught and applied each week, you will have the ability to “bio-hack” your nerves to ensure that you nail it in the audition room!

Each week, we will begin with new knowledge of the polyvagal nervous system and practice multiple down regulation skills that we will then apply to an on-camera audition scene. We will coach and film each scene, giving you footage for your agent or portfolio.

In addition to the incredible knowledge and skills you will learn, the individualized homework given throughout each week will help to push you out of your comfort zone and lead you to discover your authentic self. 

Do you want to feel confident, prepared, and in control for every audition that comes your way? This is the class for you!!

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