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Hey! Thank you for checking this out and being concerned about the class. 

As we all know by now COVID-19 has, and still is affecting us everyday. Now that many parts of our lives have been shut down, it is imperative for our nervous system that we still have social engagement and "play", together in a physical environment. Without this, we see our mental health diminish and depression levels rise; especially with the rainy season starting up in Vancouver.

GOOD NEWS!! With the right safety practices, we can still have our social engagement, participate in "play", and keep our mental health thriving. Here is how we are going to do it:

 - Hand Sanitizer will be provided upon entering the studio.

 - Masks will be worn at any point that a 6 foot distance can't be ensured.

         * Please bring your own mask that you are comfortable in

 - All theory learning will be done in a "classroom" setting where students will sit at a 6      foot distance from each other.

 - During the on-camera work, the actor and reader will be 6 feet apart, and the rest        of the class will be in the audience, also distanced.

 - Jarryd will keep a safe and open environment for any student to bring up concerns      throughout the class, and concerns will be addressed immediately.

 * Please note: One important tool for nervous system down regulation taught in this       class requires hands on a partner's back and vice versa.

           - During this exercise, masks will be worn and hand sanitizer will be used                            immediately prior to starting.

           - Any student that feels uncomfortable may opt out of this exercise.

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